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When you purchased your solar panels you probably didn’t consider keeping them clean?  Most panels have a glass surface, this means they get dirty just like a window.  The fact is that due to your new solar panels facing up, there more prone to getting dirty than your windows.

Your solar panels need to be kept clean to produce the maximum amount of energy for your home to use.  As mentioned due to their positioning they can attract dirt, dust, pollen and tree sap resulting in less light reaching the solar cells under the glass surface, a few grams of dirt and dust per square metre can almost half your solar panels efficiency.  Bird droppings can completely block the solar cells resulting in no light hitting them.

Most panel cleaning is done from the ground to avoid any damage to your homes roof or the solar panels.  We will not walk on your roof, we do however use a soft brush attachment specifically designed for use on solar panels an only use lab grade de-ionised water with no chemicals or soapy water which can leave behind a dry residue on your panels.


  • unique and safe cleaning system
  • dirty panels mean less electricity for your home
  • don’t lose up to 30% of your solar power
  • protect your investment…get your panels cleaned today!

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